The Truth About Fanservice

*Sexually-explicit content discussed*

Ever since I began watching anime three years ago, fan service was a recurring theme that I knew would not be going away. “Giving the fans exactly what they want” is what I was told it was, but I soon realized that it was much more than that. Men and women coming back again and again to Japanese media filled with sexually-charged content is what I saw and it soon became acceptable in my mind, a part of anime that would never disappear. I can openly admit that in my past I had consumed a lot of sexualized anime in the form of fan service, both softcore and hardcore. I had done it all and seen it all: every fetish, trope and outfit. Most importantly, I am a living testimony that breaks the common misconception that a “good Christian man” like myself would know nothing about fan service. In fact, I know more about the sexualized subsection of otaku culture than most people.

Fan service, whether you know it or not, tries its best to give people expressions of sexuality that were only meant to be experienced with a partner of the opposite biological sex. In anime, these are seen through common tropes and situations that are a staple to the media like panty shots, boob grabs, bikini scenes, etc. Some may see these actions as innocent pleasure to the viewer, harming no one and thus being justifiable. However, there is a lot more going on under the surface with our hearts that works to destroy intimacy with our future spouses by stealing sexual purity. Based on what I’ve seen fanservice do to myself and being a follower of Jesus, I can never agree with it and try my best to avoid it when watching a show. As a man who reveals the truth, let’s start calling fanservice by the beast that it truly is: pornography.  Continue reading “The Truth About Fanservice”

The Rebellion of Non-Believers

*Spoilers to Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion*

There are two kinds of people in this world: Christians and non-believers. Non-believers, those who have not been saved by Jesus Christ, live according to works and are slaves to sin. Christians know this because they have been set free from their pasts and have faith in God, opening their eyes to the darkness around them. Those who do not follow the Lord have the opportunity to receive grace for their wrongdoings by accepting Jesus’s sacrifice and having faith in Him. However, there is a certain point where depravity of mind and rejection of the Gospel message influences the non-believer so much that they tune out to anything God. These people are in rebellion against the truth that aims to set them free and instead freely choose sin that locks them in chains.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of Homura Akemi while discussing the subject of non-belivers, especially after gaining a fresh perspective from watching Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion. Her actions, attitudes, and emotions towards the sacrifice Ultimate Madoka made mirror perfectly the way non-believers reject the sacrifice that Jesus made. Continue reading “The Rebellion of Non-Believers”

Christian Fatherhood From Goku

Fatherhood taken from a Biblical standpoint is the toughest job that a man can undertake. The male takes charge of his family out of Christ-like selflessness and leads his children to follow the precepts of the Lord. He is held responsible for the outcome of his family and gives an account to God for his work. Most importantly, he should live a life similar to Christ so that others can see the faith that he has and be a positive example to his kids.  Continue reading “Christian Fatherhood From Goku”

Misunderstood Mecha: Review for Aldnoah Zero

A world where power resides with those in control of emerging technologies, a world where human-made Kataphrats dictate modern warfare, a world where relations among planets hang in the balance on the fire power of the opposing military. This is a world far from our own, yet the deep exploration into the human condition and warfare make it closer than it seems.

Aldnoah Zero, a highly anticipated series from the summer 2014 anime season, has quite the controversy around its title. The loyal faction of Gundam fans from the community call the show an abomination and disgrace while other otakus argue in favor for it. Because Aldnoah Zero was my first official dive into the mech genre, I come from a non-biased perspective, and offer my opinions based upon my past storytelling experiences. From what I saw of both seasons, Aldnoah Zero was the very definition of a bipolar anime. It did so many things right, and did so many more things wrong. So with that in mind, let’s jump straight into my thoughts and review for the show! Continue reading “Misunderstood Mecha: Review for Aldnoah Zero”

The Good Samaritan and Re:Zero’s Emillia

*From Episode 1a of Re:Zero*

The old saying “what goes around comes around” has been a sort of social karma that society follows because they believe that they will receive a reward for their good deeds. Working overtime so that someone else doesn’t have to, mowing the lawn for your buddy, or even paying your otaku friend’s monthly Crunchyroll bill are examples that we see in our everyday lives. However, this expectation of gaining something in exchange for works is selfishness that will never give a pure sense of fulfillment. Jesus knew this almost 2000 years ago when he came down from heaven, and talked numerous times about living selflessly for others with no expectation of Earthly rewards.  Continue reading “The Good Samaritan and Re:Zero’s Emillia”

The One That Will Make Everyone Cry: Review for Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April has been getting a lot of commotion in the otaku community, known by many as the anime of 2016 that will guarantee to make you cry. Once I heard this I had assumed that the show was the cliché slice-of-life/romance type of series, solely relying on watered-down plot and straw characters stuffed with no personality. However, my view drastically changed as I got through each episode and I can say with confidence that Your Lie In April does not fall into the common traps for its genre. In fact, the show goes way beyond what normal romance anime typically accomplish and displays how our relationships with our significant other should be. Continue reading “The One That Will Make Everyone Cry: Review for Your Lie In April”

Science Is The Religion of Assumption

*Warning: you may be offended.*

Atheism, the belief that condones the existence of God, has become increasingly popular in the last millennium and is the main contender against religion. Science has been the backbone of this radical movement and avid supporters explain their position using theories and laws created by man. These same people claim that religious philosophies operate solely on circular reasoning and argue that they cannot possibly be valid, but what if the same is true for science? What if it is all merely assumptions? What if society has been lied to by it’s own doctrines?  Continue reading “Science Is The Religion of Assumption”