You Are Under My Genjutsu

You are worthless. You are ugly. You are fat. You are lonely. You are an outcast. You are a loser. You are better dead. You will never amount to anything. You will be alone for the rest of your life. You will be an addict forever. You will never be loved. You will always be hated. You will not do anything with yourself. You can cut yourself to relieve the pain. You can masturbate to relieve the pain. You can drink one more glass to relieve the pain. You can pretend to smile to relieve the pain. You can pop one more pill to relieve the pain. You can become busy to relieve the pain. You can escape reality to relieve the pain. You can give up to relieve the pain.

Sin. This is the Genjustu of the Enemy.  Continue reading “You Are Under My Genjutsu”

Zabuza, The Thief on the Cross, and Redemption

*Spoilers to Naruto*

Zabuza Momochi is a name that is feared across the land. Known as “Demon of the Hidden Mist”, he works for an elite assassination group called Anbu, cutting down anyone that stands in his way. He possesses deadly skill with a long-sword, being an ex-member of the Seven Swordsmen, and is on every hidden village’s bingo book for Class A crimes. He has a bloodlust that cannot be stopped, a thirst for violence that cannot be quenchable, and a heart as cold as a stone. Zabuza Momochi is a man that lives and breaths death, following the name that he was given to him for his murders, bearing the identity of a true demon.  Continue reading “Zabuza, The Thief on the Cross, and Redemption”

Misconceptions About Judging How Good An Anime Is

Everyone has their own mental checklist that they go through when they are deciding how much they like an anime; some people have an extremely strict view on what series are worth their time while others have absolutely no filters whatsoever. I am no exception to this, and have my own ideas about what truly sets one anime apart from the rest.

For me personally, I believe that all series can be judged on a universal scale that is done without bias, and that there are obvious traits that make some shows stand high above others. With this in mind, I think that most people in the anime community that I have seen hold skewed thoughts about what a good anime is, and are too stubborn to change their minds. I wanted to share some of the major flaws that I find in their thinking, and expose the largest proponents of bias that I see within most people because I believe that removing outside influential factors will allow you to further analyze a show with a different view than before. Continue reading “Misconceptions About Judging How Good An Anime Is”