Menma and Holy Spirit: Am I Delusional?

It’s known throughout the Bible that the Holy Spirit literally seals Himself inside those who choose to believe and have faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:13). He guides our lives to the truth of righteousness and leads us where we need to go, speaking directly from God (John 16:13). However, it is the challenge of every Christian to properly discern what thoughts, emotions, and hunches are from the Holy Spirit and which are not.

I have great difficulty with this in my personal life and struggle with it on a daily basis. Did the Holy Spirit put these coincidences in my life for a reason? Was this feeling during worship the presence of God? Are my emotions being driven by my flesh or by faith? These questions are the ones I am constantly asking myself and it can become very tiring. The frustration of not knowing is uncontainable and brings me closer to insanity. However, after watching episode four of the anime Anohana, I found that I relate so well to protagonist Jintan in his struggles with his friend’s ghost and even discovered a principle of faith that Christians can apply to their own lives.  Continue reading “Menma and Holy Spirit: Am I Delusional?”

Anime Recommendations For Christians?

Although picking up a new anime series may be an easy task for any regular person, the task is daunting and difficult for Christians. Since nearly all of the companies that make anime are from Japan, many shows are saturated in morals and ideas rooted in Buddhism, Secularism, and Atheism, which makes searching for the “perfect” anime to be very hard. I, for one, have had difficulty in achieving this task, and have had to rely on the opinions of my otaku friends. Aimlessly searching Google for the answers that you need can be tedious, and there are not many Christians who dare to recommend such a “taboo” practice.

I may have watched anime for only two years, and although I’m not the best qualified person for the job, I wanted to share some anime that I have either heard extremely good things about or that I have personally watched that will help propel your faith if watched with the right mindset. These are the kind of shows that will not only keep you engaged with an amazing plot, dynamic characters, and amazing action animation, but also allow you as the audience to learn something new about human nature. These are wholesome shows that I have and would watch myself. Ultimately, the takeaway from all of these anime should be something that leads you to see that there is an overwhelming need for Christ. Continue reading “Anime Recommendations For Christians?”