Weretigers and Belonging: Review for Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs, an anime from the Spring 2016 season, has received a lot of credit from the otaku community for being an extremely unique series. Doing what few shows before it have, marrying the historical setting of the Victorian Age with the common superpower tropes in shonen manga, Bungou Stray Dogs has little reason to be rejected from the outset. However, behind the glitter, makeup and appearances you will find that the anime is only mediocre at best and in my opinion one of the worst shows that I have ever had the pleasure of watching.   Continue reading “Weretigers and Belonging: Review for Bungou Stray Dogs”

The Western & Eastern Parody: Review for One Punch Man

As Google says, a parody is “an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect”. Hence in the definition that the particular work does not copy, but merely appears similar and pays homage, whether of respect or satire.

Rarely does a show attempt to parody multiple sources at once, and they seldom ever come out alright. However, One Punch Man does what few anime before it have been able to do, marrying both Western and Eastern cultures together. The various powers and tropes from Marvel and DC’s superheroes coupled with the bashing of Japanese shonen manga leaves us with a show filled with hilariousness, action, and over-the-top scenes that make One Punch Man such a pleasure to watch! The characters/plot, animation, soundtrack, and even Biblical implications all contribute to this as well, and have given me a great impression of the show!  Continue reading “The Western & Eastern Parody: Review for One Punch Man”

Misunderstood Mecha: Review for Aldnoah Zero

A world where power resides with those in control of emerging technologies, a world where human-made Kataphrats dictate modern warfare, a world where relations among planets hang in the balance on the fire power of the opposing military. This is a world far from our own, yet the deep exploration into the human condition and warfare make it closer than it seems.

Aldnoah Zero, a highly anticipated series from the summer 2014 anime season, has quite the controversy around its title. The loyal faction of Gundam fans from the community call the show an abomination and disgrace while other otakus argue in favor for it. Because Aldnoah Zero was my first official dive into the mech genre, I come from a non-biased perspective, and offer my opinions based upon my past storytelling experiences. From what I saw of both seasons, Aldnoah Zero was the very definition of a bipolar anime. It did so many things right, and did so many more things wrong. So with that in mind, let’s jump straight into my thoughts and review for the show! Continue reading “Misunderstood Mecha: Review for Aldnoah Zero”

The One That Will Make Everyone Cry: Review for Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April has been getting a lot of commotion in the otaku community, known by many as the anime of 2016 that will guarantee to make you cry. Once I heard this I had assumed that the show was the cliché slice-of-life/romance type of series, solely relying on watered-down plot and straw characters stuffed with no personality. However, my view drastically changed as I got through each episode and I can say with confidence that Your Lie In April does not fall into the common traps for its genre. In fact, the show goes way beyond what normal romance anime typically accomplish and displays how our relationships with our significant other should be. Continue reading “The One That Will Make Everyone Cry: Review for Your Lie In April”

A New Kind of Racing: Review for Prince of Stride: Alternative

If you have ever watched cross country or track events on TV during the Olympics, you know that the scene is extremely competitive. A team of only a dozen or so athletic people represent an entire country, and honor is determined by the outcome of their single match. These men and women have trained for months, maybe even years, and all of their hard work is demonstrated against other people on the field who have done the same. The only glimpse that the audience receives from watching these competitors from the comfort of their televisions is sweat, blood, and raw talent; nothing can be seen about what happens in the minds of the racers or the conversations among the team. Continue reading “A New Kind of Racing: Review for Prince of Stride: Alternative”

Best of 2015: Review for ERASED

Have you ever watched an anime that has gone beyond the TV screen? Something that has impacted you so deeply in your heart that you cannot let it escape your mind, almost like you want the emotions to stay so that you can experience the story again? When this happens, I feel that this is when an anime achieves its true purpose: to inspire its audience. Most series aim to make quick money by feeding viewers thoughtless plot with shows containing large episode counts, but real inspiration comes from the power that the animators give their shows. For me, ERASED has been that anime, and I never want what I felt to ever be erased.

As you may already be aware of, ERASED has been receiving high praise from the anime community since its original debut in December 2015, and has been given the title by many as the best anime of 2015. Hearing all of this news buzzing around the internet, I knew that ERASED was one of those shows that I had to watch, and had extremely high expectations for the series. Being initially doubtful about the quality of the anime, I can now say with confidence, having only finished the masterpiece freshly an hour ago, that ERASED does meet my highest criteria and more (although there are a few minor flaws that will be discussed). Continue reading “Best of 2015: Review for ERASED”

A Magical Girl Twist: Review for Madoka Magica

I have been watching anime for a few years so far, and I have learned to become incredibly critical about the shows that I view. Certain criteria and requirements have been put into place for me personally that truly define a perfect series that I would watch over and over again; Puella Magi Madoka Magica has completely redefined these boundaries.

At first glance, this show appears to be a fun, colorful cast of cute anime girls that go on adventures to defeat the bad guys and save the world (basically the plot of Sailor Moon). Once I got past episode three, I discovered that I was mistaken, and as I entered into episode eight, I knew that I was horribly wrong. This show has the amazing power to market itself to its audience as an innocent show when in reality the anime is more synonymous to Death Note, which took me by surprise. I feel that this is Madoka Magica’s strongest asset, and they use this skill of misleading manipulation in other areas of the show as well. Continue reading “A Magical Girl Twist: Review for Madoka Magica”