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Listed below are some of the different pieces of writing that have been created by myself and other guest bloggers. If you ever need to find articles by the specific time when they were made, go down to the bottom of the page and select the archives to find what you are looking for. Otherwise, just click on one here to get started

Anime-Specific Articles

“Christian Fatherhood From Goku”

“Christians are Kiznaivers”

“Escaping Purposeless Living”

“Is All Anime Porn?”

“In The Midst of Oceans”

“King Solomon X Kirito: Living the Harem Life!”

“Looking at Fairy Tail: The Importance of Small Groups”

“Menma and Holy Spirit: Am I Delusional?”

“Pride Comes Before The Fall”

“Religious People Ruin Everything”

“SAO Relationship Goals: Listen, Learn, and Love”

“Science Is The Religion of Assumption”

“The Rebellion of Non-Believers”

“What Faith Really Means”

“Why Does God Allow Suffering?”

“Zabuza, The Thief on the Cross, and Redemption”


Christian Articles

“Anime Recommendations For Christians”

“Overcoming a Sex-Filled Culture”

“Should Christians Watch Anime?”


Otaku Corner

“Anime Piracy”

“Misconceptions About Judging How Good An Anime Is”

“The Truth About Fanservice”

“What Anime Power Would You Want?”

“Where You Can Watch Anime Legally In 2016”


Song Analysis

“aLIEz” of Aldnoah Zero

“Hikaru Nara” of Your Lie In April



“Choose Your Family: Gospel Symbolism In Fire Emblem”

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