Otaku Collision

Where Anime and Faith Collide

About The Blog

Otaku Collision is the birth child of my faith in Jesus and passion for anime (“Where anime and faith collide”, hence the name.) Much of the inspiration came from my conversion to Christianity in February 2015 when I began to watch anime with a different perspective. Everything I saw from my favorite shows like Naruto Shippuden and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood were things I had been learning in my Bible and I knew that these weren’t accidental.

Coming around January 2016, God used a close friend to tell me directly that I was supposed to reach otakus for the Gospel in ways that other people couldn’t. The Holy Spirit gave me the idea for a blog where I could review anime from a Christian perspective, which brought about Christian Anime Reviews. However, I was unsatisfied with the lack of progress and felt that I had left my mission by catering to exclusively believers. This is what brought about the change of the blog name to Otaku Collision and a complete “Copernican Revolution” of sorts.

The goal of Otaku Collision is not to convert people to Christianity, but instead to make people think. As a person who was hurt by the church and had nothing to live for, hearing about Jesus’s love for me was something refreshing. All I desire is for the same realization to come to my readers through connections to anime and allow them the choice for what they do with that.

Taking a sacred piece of Japanese culture and colliding it with Christianity is a major point of contention for many people, especially the religious crowd. It’s so obscure a subject, so absurd an idea, but it has great value.




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