*English lyrics by Sapphire on YouTube*

The first time you ever fall in love you will never want to leave it. I mean, have you ever met that girl or guy who has such an impact on you that you are not the same afterwards? Heart pounding violently, face flushing red, words pouring out nonsensically? It’s almost like being run over by a train whenever you come across “the one” and your emotions run wild without any warning at all. Love is built into the DNA of what it means to be human and it has such an unexplainable power over us.

The anime, Your Lie In April, explores these themes through the relationship between the lovers Kousei and Kaori. We as the audience watch as their first encounter in the park surrounded by cherry blossoms grows into a love where either one of them would be willing to lay down their life down for the other. “Hikaru Nara” is the first opening song to the show and displays all of this lyrically, connecting the love between two people to how we should love God.

Just like a rainbow bright and warm after a hazy summer storm
Flowers blooming fresh with drops of dew

Watching you stare into the sky in the crimson sunlight
That’s when I fell in love with you.

The first two lines refer directly to episode one of the anime, where Kousei experienced his first “knock out moment”. The dark past he went through, the guilt that he felt over the death of his mother, and all the other hazy summer storms in his life were all melted away when he saw Kaori for the first time playing her melodicas in a sea of cherry blossom trees. She was literally described by Kousei as “filling his world with new color” and making his life monochrome, which explains why she is a rainbow. Not only that, but the dark past that he went through in his youth in no more and that with Kaori at his side he has the chance to be a new flower that blooms and has a fresh new start.

The glance into the bright, clear sky that Kousei observes Kaori giving and the tears that she sheds after her playing is the moment where he knows that he is in love with her. There is no doubt in his mind and he knows subconsciously that they will be together for forever.


Each moment in a picture frame
I’m holding on no single shot will ever fade

The movie of this love every part deep within my heart

In a picture frame, the most important or highly regarded moments are held on display as a reminder, and here the song is saying that every moment with the other is worthy of that kind of recognition. They will never allow a single time to pass where the two are not enjoying and loving each other, and they will always make the most of their time together. This beautiful metaphor wraps up in the last line where all of these picture-framed moments created a movie called life that the lovers treasure and burry deep inside their hearts. Nothing will ever split them apart, and it’s very obvious to see this kind of love between Kousei and Kaori.

You are the spark my light in the dark
Brilliant and bold through the night
Bright as the sun no matter what comes
We can be stars if we shine

Here is where “Hikaru Nara” has the most power. Again, reflecting on the anime, the overall meaning from this stanza is that the one you love can bring light in your dark situations, shining brighter than the darkness. Their love for each other is compared to the sun, in fact being brighter, and that the feelings that they have for each other will never be fleeting. Their love are the stars that shine in the sky, which has a strong contrasting light to the pitch black surrounding the sky.

Don’t ever hide those feelings inside
Whenever you’re sad or you’re blue
When you can’t cope don’t ever lose hope
The stars shine their light over you

The connection that two people have when they are in love naturally brings about honesty, and this stanza address that well. If one partner is going through tough times, keeping it inside allows it to fester and leek into the relationship, like poison seeping into the skin. There is assurance that the one you love will be your go-to person when things get rough and that the light of the stars (already defined by the song as the love between the two) will give comfort and provide safety. This is a great encouragement to couples that are experiencing pain in their lives and surely was the anchor that both Kousei and Kaori held onto in different parts of Your Lie In April.


Every wish we’ve made has brought us here together
Til forever
Underneath the stars and moon and sun we look to the future as one

Finishing the song, a reminder of how far the two have gotten because of their dependency on each other and desire to be in love is given. This is extrapolated and says that this relationship and affection will last until the very end and even past that. They will use their love as a foundation for the future and allow it to lead them into new great adventures!

After hearing this song, I had been greatly reminded of a passage from Song of Solomon in the Bible (yes the only “sex book” in the Bible) that explains how the bond of two people in love and marriage is undefeatable.

“Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the Lord. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man offered for love all the wealth of his house, he would be utterly despised.” (Song of Solomon 8:6-7, ESV)

Just like King Solomon and his queen had a blossoming relationship with each other that never died out, Kousei and Kaori had the same, and it is also available to any partner that is madly in love with the other. God designed people from the beginning to not be alone, and love with another person fills that deep intimacy which is desired.

In short,”Hikaru Nara” digs deep into the power of love, what it can do during tough times, and how a couple can trust each other intimately with their deepest pains. It is a beautiful piece that directly maps out the relationship between Kousei and Kaori from Your Lie In April! It also correlates in close proximity to passages from the Song of Solomon, and I would highly encourage anyone single or in a relationship to read it!