King Solomon X Kirito: Living the Harem Life!

If you have ever dived into mainstream anime, you have probably come across the term “harem” at some point. Traditionally, a harem is a genre within otaku culture that involves one main character that is surrounded by three or more others of the same or opposite sex. The relationships create a complicated love triangle and usually fit inside of most romance anime. These are played off as innocent fun and appeal to comedy, always presented in a positive light. Most of the time, if you are trying to identify a harem in an anime, all you have to do is look for that one male character that seemingly has all the ladies nearby throwing themselves at him left and right.  Continue reading “King Solomon X Kirito: Living the Harem Life!”

Weretigers and Belonging: Review for Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs, an anime from the Spring 2016 season, has received a lot of credit from the otaku community for being an extremely unique series. Doing what few shows before it have, marrying the historical setting of the Victorian Age with the common superpower tropes in shonen manga, Bungou Stray Dogs has little reason to be rejected from the outset. However, behind the glitter, makeup and appearances you will find that the anime is only mediocre at best and in my opinion one of the worst shows that I have ever had the pleasure of watching.   Continue reading “Weretigers and Belonging: Review for Bungou Stray Dogs”

“Hikaru Nara” of Your Lie In April

*English lyrics by Sapphire on YouTube*

The first time you ever fall in love you will never want to leave it. I mean, have you ever met that girl or guy who has such an impact on you that you are not the same afterwards? Heart pounding violently, face flushing red, words pouring out nonsensically? It’s almost like being run over by a train whenever you come across “the one” and your emotions run wild without any warning at all. Love is built into the DNA of what it means to be human and it has such an unexplainable power over us. Continue reading ““Hikaru Nara” of Your Lie In April”