The Western & Eastern Parody: Review for One Punch Man

As Google says, a parody is “an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect”. Hence in the definition that the particular work does not copy, but merely appears similar and pays homage, whether of respect or satire.

Rarely does a show attempt to parody multiple sources at once, and they seldom ever come out alright. However, One Punch Man does what few anime before it have been able to do, marrying both Western and Eastern cultures together. The various powers and tropes from Marvel and DC’s superheroes coupled with the bashing of Japanese shonen manga leaves us with a show filled with hilariousness, action, and over-the-top scenes that make One Punch Man such a pleasure to watch! The characters/plot, animation, soundtrack, and even Biblical implications all contribute to this as well, and have given me a great impression of the show!  Continue reading “The Western & Eastern Parody: Review for One Punch Man”

Christian Fatherhood From Goku

Fatherhood taken from a Biblical standpoint is the toughest job that a man can undertake. The male takes charge of his family out of Christ-like selflessness and leads his children to follow the precepts of the Lord. He is held responsible for the outcome of his family and gives an account to God for his work. Most importantly, he should live a life similar to Christ so that others can see the faith that he has and be a positive example to his kids.  Continue reading “Christian Fatherhood From Goku”

Misunderstood Mecha: Review for Aldnoah Zero

A world where power resides with those in control of emerging technologies, a world where human-made Kataphrats dictate modern warfare, a world where relations among planets hang in the balance on the fire power of the opposing military. This is a world far from our own, yet the deep exploration into the human condition and warfare make it closer than it seems.

Aldnoah Zero, a highly anticipated series from the summer 2014 anime season, has quite the controversy around its title. The loyal faction of Gundam fans from the community call the show an abomination and disgrace while other otakus argue in favor for it. Because Aldnoah Zero was my first official dive into the mech genre, I come from a non-biased perspective, and offer my opinions based upon my past storytelling experiences. From what I saw of both seasons, Aldnoah Zero was the very definition of a bipolar anime. It did so many things right, and did so many more things wrong. So with that in mind, let’s jump straight into my thoughts and review for the show! Continue reading “Misunderstood Mecha: Review for Aldnoah Zero”

The Good Samaritan and Re:Zero’s Emillia

*From Episode 1a of Re:Zero*

The old saying “what goes around comes around” has been a sort of social karma that society follows because they believe that they will receive a reward for their good deeds. Working overtime so that someone else doesn’t have to, mowing the lawn for your buddy, or even paying your otaku friend’s monthly Crunchyroll bill are examples that we see in our everyday lives. However, this expectation of gaining something in exchange for works is selfishness that will never give a pure sense of fulfillment. Jesus knew this almost 2000 years ago when he came down from heaven, and talked numerous times about living selflessly for others with no expectation of Earthly rewards.  Continue reading “The Good Samaritan and Re:Zero’s Emillia”