“aLIEz” of Aldnoah Zero

*English lyrics by Leeandlie on YouTube*

To kick off the first “Song Analysis” on Otaku Collision, I wanted to visit the soundtrack of an anime with extreme debate, fans calling it a copycat of Gundam. “aLIEz” by Hiroyuki Sawano may appear at first to be the perfect song to pair with Aldnoah Zero’s themes of unwanted warfare, as the planets Mars and Earth are at odds against each other. When looking at the lyrics translated in English, it becomes apparent that the song gives the listener a perspective into Princess Asseylum’s innermost thoughts about the conflict and her cry for peace. However, as a follower of Jesus Christ, I believe that those who have faith in God can instead hear a cry out from someone desperate to escape trial or addiction. The whole idea may seem somewhat exaggerated, but bear with me and put on your pair of Jesus Glasses to see the entire picture ahead! Continue reading ““aLIEz” of Aldnoah Zero”

The One That Will Make Everyone Cry: Review for Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April has been getting a lot of commotion in the otaku community, known by many as the anime of 2016 that will guarantee to make you cry. Once I heard this I had assumed that the show was the cliché slice-of-life/romance type of series, solely relying on watered-down plot and straw characters stuffed with no personality. However, my view drastically changed as I got through each episode and I can say with confidence that Your Lie In April does not fall into the common traps for its genre. In fact, the show goes way beyond what normal romance anime typically accomplish and displays how our relationships with our significant other should be. Continue reading “The One That Will Make Everyone Cry: Review for Your Lie In April”

Science Is The Religion of Assumption

Atheism, the belief that condones the existence of God, has become increasingly popular in the last millennium and is the main contender against religion. Science has been the backbone of this radical movement and avid supporters explain their position using theories and laws created by man. These same people claim that religious philosophies operate solely on circular reasoning and argue that they cannot possibly be valid, but what if the same is true for science? What if it is all merely assumptions? What if society has been lied to by it’s own doctrines?

Continue reading “Science Is The Religion of Assumption”

In The Midst of Oceans

Everyone will experience trials at some point in their lives and if you haven’t they will come when you least expect it. The pain we feel, the sorrow that pangs our hearts, and the peace that we can never get are waves crashing over us, drowning us until we are covered over our heads with water. In the popular anime Your Lie In April, Kousei Arima finds himself in a similar situation, as the terrifying memories of his abusive mother paralyze him, and he is caught inside an ocean that he cannot escape. Continue reading “In The Midst of Oceans”

Anime Piracy

With access to emerging technologies and increased internet access, it has become easier than ever to pirate episodes of anime. The process has become as simple as going onto Kissanime or Sidereel and clicking on a series to watch for free, changing the way that people view shows. Laws and regulations have been put into place, attempting to stop the public from using these illegal sources for illegal activities, yet society still puts these websites into service; hardly any punishments or none at all have come to them. Continue reading “Anime Piracy”

Escaping Purposeless Living

Our world today lives for continuous fulfillment, the warm-hearted satisfaction that they deeply long for. Everything that society does is aimed towards gaining personal happiness, whether they know it or not; it is a fundamental human condition. Those without a true purpose or direction in life will sacrifice anything to get this feeling. Culture is raised to search for a joy that can never be obtained through worldly pleasures or other people and they are slaving their lives away to desires that can never be fulfilled. Continue reading “Escaping Purposeless Living”