What Faith Really Means

Faith is a fundamental core to Christianity; it is what allows believers to receive salvation and provides a more abundant lifestyle. It gives us hope when we do not see a way out and eases our suffering when we are at our breaking points. Faith in Jesus Christ, accepting him as our Lord and savior, is the greatest gift that has ever been given to mankind, yet we do not use it as we should. Churches all across America are dying, and the disease infecting the masses is passive faith. Continue reading “What Faith Really Means”

A New Kind of Racing: Review for Prince of Stride: Alternative

If you have ever watched cross country or track events on TV during the Olympics, you know that the scene is extremely competitive. A team of only a dozen or so athletic people represent an entire country, and honor is determined by the outcome of their single match. These men and women have trained for months, maybe even years, and all of their hard work is demonstrated against other people on the field who have done the same. The only glimpse that the audience receives from watching these competitors from the comfort of their televisions is sweat, blood, and raw talent; nothing can be seen about what happens in the minds of the racers or the conversations among the team. Continue reading “A New Kind of Racing: Review for Prince of Stride: Alternative”

Is All Anime Porn?

Within the anime media, most people simply accept the sexualization of females, both of young girls and older women; Japan has such a heavy secular influence that series created by anime companies are saturated with heavy doses of fan service. This is not an unfair assumption to make especially when analyzing almost every popular anime; there are always elements of sexualization present. Continue reading “Is All Anime Porn?”

Best of 2015: Review for ERASED

Have you ever watched an anime that has gone beyond the TV screen? Something that has impacted you so deeply in your heart that you cannot let it escape your mind, almost like you want the emotions to stay so that you can experience the story again? When this happens, I feel that this is when an anime achieves its true purpose: to inspire its audience. Most series aim to make quick money by feeding viewers thoughtless plot with shows containing large episode counts, but real inspiration comes from the power that the animators give their shows. For me, ERASED has been that anime, and I never want what I felt to ever be erased.

As you may already be aware of, ERASED has been receiving high praise from the anime community since its original debut in December 2015, and has been given the title by many as the best anime of 2015. Hearing all of this news buzzing around the internet, I knew that ERASED was one of those shows that I had to watch, and had extremely high expectations for the series. Being initially doubtful about the quality of the anime, I can now say with confidence, having only finished the masterpiece freshly an hour ago, that ERASED does meet my highest criteria and more (although there are a few minor flaws that will be discussed). Continue reading “Best of 2015: Review for ERASED”