Misconceptions About Judging How Good An Anime Is

Everyone has their own mental checklist that they go through when they are deciding how much they like an anime; some people have an extremely strict view on what series are worth their time while others have absolutely no filters whatsoever. I am no exception to this, and have my own ideas about what truly sets one anime apart from the rest.

For me personally, I believe that all series can be judged on a universal scale that is done without bias, and that there are obvious traits that make some shows stand high above others. With this in mind, I think that most people in the anime community that I have seen hold skewed thoughts about what a good anime is, and are too stubborn to change their minds. I wanted to share some of the major flaws that I find in their thinking, and expose the largest proponents of bias that I see within most people because I believe that removing outside influential factors will allow you to further analyze a show with a different view than before. Continue reading “Misconceptions About Judging How Good An Anime Is”

Choose Your Family: Gospel Symbolism In Fire Emblem

*Spoilers to Fire Emblem Fates*

In Fire Emblem Fates (Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation), you play as main protagonist Corrin in an unknown time period. Both ruling kingdoms in the country, Nohr and Hoshido, have been locked in a deadly war for many years, and are fighting for peace in the region. More importantly, they are battling for possession over one particular royal family member that they both claim as their own: you. Continue reading “Choose Your Family: Gospel Symbolism In Fire Emblem”

A Magical Girl Twist: Review for Madoka Magica

I have been watching anime for a few years so far, and I have learned to become incredibly critical about the shows that I view. Certain criteria and requirements have been put into place for me personally that truly define a perfect series that I would watch over and over again; Puella Magi Madoka Magica has completely redefined these boundaries.

At first glance, this show appears to be a fun, colorful cast of cute anime girls that go on adventures to defeat the bad guys and save the world (basically the plot of Sailor Moon). Once I got past episode three, I discovered that I was mistaken, and as I entered into episode eight, I knew that I was horribly wrong. This show has the amazing power to market itself to its audience as an innocent show when in reality the anime is more synonymous to Death Note, which took me by surprise. I feel that this is Madoka Magica’s strongest asset, and they use this skill of misleading manipulation in other areas of the show as well. Continue reading “A Magical Girl Twist: Review for Madoka Magica”

Should Christians Watch Anime?

Anime is one of those forms of media that most Christians automatically slap the “taboo” label on without giving it a second thought, and I understand where they are coming from. Sexual immorality, secularism, and Buddhist philosophy are present in this genre, oppose the teachings of the Bible, and bring many people away from their faith. Pornography from anime, particularly ecchi and hentai, has become a HUGE struggle for many Christians, tainting the purity of many young people, and locking themselves in a prison that they cannot escape. Continue reading “Should Christians Watch Anime?”

Looking at Fairy Tail: The Importance of Small Groups


*Spoilers to Fairy Tail*

In modern day culture, Christians continuously fall to sinful temptation, time after time again, wondering what they ever did wrong. A strong personal relationship with God is present, good works are being done for His glory, and they stay connected to their Bibles everyday, so doesn’t that equal success? The answer to this difficult question is yes and no. Sure, we can experience the presence of God powerfully in our lives by ourselves, but I believe that our spirituality goes deeper than that. Mankind was created as a relational people, and this doesn’t just extend to Jesus Christ; we were made for other people too.

Small groups are an expression of this close intimacy with other believers that we were designed with. They are Christians that come together on a consistent basis, and dig deeper into their relationships with Christ. And although no small group is perfect, being that each member is an imperfect person, those involved discover their greater need for God, and find fellowship with each other. Jesus demonstrated this the best with his twelve disciples in the New Testament, pouring into them relentlessly and helping them grow closer to God. Continue reading “Looking at Fairy Tail: The Importance of Small Groups”

Overcoming a Sex-Filled Culture

As many of you might already know, I am a recovering porn addict. There, I said it and I’m not afraid to. As a college freshman and a millennial baby, growing up in this generation has been extremely difficult, especially when dealing with sexual desires. Having a father who was cheating on my mother during their “Godly” marriage and choosing prostitutes as a substitute for her, my idea of sex was very tinted from my early teens, the most important hormonal part of my development. This led to some very poor choices on my part, and started a spiraling pornography addiction that has continued until very recent. Continue reading “Overcoming a Sex-Filled Culture”