For me personally, the question on my brain has constantly been, “Where can I watch anime legally in 2016?” Being caught into traps from websites such as Kissanime and Sidereel, I had the propensity to give my favorite creators credit for the anime that they create, while still watching anime with a moral breathing room. I discovered that organizations and groups that try to selfishly watch shows without giving the proper funds or receiving the correct permission are technically stealing, and did not want to have any part in that. So for the conveince of you, I have provided a coherent list of streaming sites that allow for free and paid anime watching, (all sources and credit goes to TheOSAG). All sites are currently available to the United States and some surrounding countries:

1). Crunchyroll


Everyone’s favorite source for anime, and one of the most well-known on the market! Crunchyroll offers full series of shows both in English Subbed and Dubbed, while also keeping up with the most recent anime through simulcast! This website also has an online store where you can purchase anime-related products.

Where: Worldwide.

Subscription: Crunchyroll can be accessed without a paid plan, but premium and premium+ memberships are available.

Drawbacks: For those who are not on Crunchyroll’s subscription plan, certain shows will not be available to you, and commercials frequently popup during a regular episode. Also, every anime viewed without paying is only available in 480p and SD.


2). Netlfix


Seen as the most popular streaming service for movies and TV shows in the world, Netflix has a wide collection of anime titles available to you. Although the most recent anime cannot be accessed through this website, Netflix does offer both English Subbed and Dubbed titles.

Where: Almost the entire world has access, but this list straight from Netflix will tell you which countries cannot have access.

Subscription: A paid membership is required to view any Netflix movie or show.

Drawbacks: Newer titles that are currently on-going are not available on Netflix, and some series are not complete (do not include every episode). Simulcast is not available.

3). Hulu


A close competitor to Netflix, Hulu strives to take its focus onto TV shows specifically, and happens to include a large selection of titles greater than its competition. Again, English Subbed and Dubbed anime can be accessed, and current shows are available a few days after they air in Japan.

Where: The United States and Japan.

Subscription: In order to see any TV shows on Hulu, a paid subscription is required.

Drawbacks: Even with a membership, commercials will appear before, in the middle of, and at the end of every show. Some series, especially English Dubbed anime, are only partially completed.


4). Daisuki


Releasing its website in 2013, Daisuki is a fairly new streaming service that aims to beat Crunchyroll at providing top-notch anime titles. Unlike its competitor, Daisuki allows for viewing of 1080p quality shows without having to pay any money at all, making this a great alternative!

Where: Worldwide, but somewhat limited due to company streaming rights.

Subscription: None.

Drawbacks: Because Daisuki is a fairly new service, there is not a lot of anime on the website currently. In addition, there are no English Dubbed anime currently available. There are also some reported technical issues with the website itself that have not been fixed yet.


5). Youtube


Whether looking up cat videos or Call Of Duty, Youtube has you covered, as well as in the anime department. Many famous titles have been uploaded by creators like FUNimation and Sentai Filmworks onto Youtube for easy access, and can seen on almost virtually any device! Sadly, simulcasts and more recent shows are not available until a while after they have been released. Keep in mind, watching anime on Youtube is only legal if you view channels from the creators themselves!

Where: Depends on your region, as individual videos can be region-locked.

Subscription: Free, unless you want Youtube Red with zero ads.

Drawbacks: Commercials are played at the beginning, and near the middle of every video on Youtube. The quality of the show depends on the creator, so 1080p HD is not guaranteed. Simulcasts and recent shows can’t be seen, and a lot of shows are region-locked.


6). FUNimation

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.52.36 PM

Known as one of the most famous American providers of anime, FUNimation has streaming services for shows that they have licensed in the United States. This goes from titles they have completed long ago and Japanese simulcasts. Both English Dubbed and Subbed shows are available.

Where: United States and Canada

Subscription: A Subpass membership is required to unlock certain English Subbed episodes and shows, while allowing everything to be commercial-free. The All-Accesspass allows all that is in the Subpass membership and includes English Dubbed anime, and unlocks simulcasts.

Drawbacks: Very expensive over time! Without a membership, you are limited to the quality and shows that you can watch, as well as have commercials. Overall, you are only able to watch anime that is licensed by FUNimation.


Which streaming sites do you use to watch anime? Which one’s do you plan on using? Let me know down in the comments!