Longing for Acceptance: Self-Righteousness in Light of the Gospel

“Win.. win.. keep winning Luck!” The words of his dead mother continue to whisper in his ears, haunting his soul. Electricity builds in his body, glistening brightly on his arms and legs with a dangerous light, ready to shed blood. He stares across the dungeon at his opponent, eyes bulging open with excitement. Light pulsates from the bottom of his feet and he lurches forward, … Continue reading Longing for Acceptance: Self-Righteousness in Light of the Gospel

Dispelling Shame in Black Clover

As Hannah Rose of Psychology Today wrote in her recent article, “Deconstructing the Shame Narrative”, “Shame leads us to the narratives that sound similar to: ‘This is just who I am, how I am, or what I am.'” Shame is an identity that labels and defines, which usually begins with guilt. Continue reading “Dispelling Shame in Black Clover”

A Father for the Fatherless

I remember growing up in high school without my dad. He had been to jail for prostitution on church property and was sent away to rehab for emotional, physical, and spiritual recovery. Even after he returned a year later, our relationship was not the same. He had been relapsing into his old self, abusing my mom, and attempting to buy my affection with material possessions. My dad was not a good parent for my life and I felt like I was fatherless. Continue reading “A Father for the Fatherless”

Jesus and Madoka: The Allegory of Hope

Our world is a place filled with evil. In recent years, the notorious terrorist group known as ISIS has murdered thousands of innocent people from multiple countries. Rough neighborhoods in some of the toughest areas witness gang rapes and child prostitution as the norm. School shootings appear frequently on the news, devastating teachers, families, and communities. Even in today’s society, human beings are still being sold as property and treated as animals. Clearly, evil exists in our world. Continue reading “Jesus and Madoka: The Allegory of Hope”

You Are Forgiven

Shame is a curse that reminds us of our failures. Whenever I’m brought to my low points, when I remember the people I’ve hurt and the sin I’ve committed, shame has its grip on my heart. Those moments tell me I’m a horrible person and I’m not worth loving. I can hear the whispers from Satan, “You can never be forgiven.” No matter what I do in my own strength, shame never disappears and it continues to grow as a result of my resolve to defeat it. Continue reading “You Are Forgiven”

Predestination is our Shelter

Spiraling ice glaciers, boundless grass fields and deep ocean waters. Graffiti skies painted with puffy clouds and long horizons water-colored with vibrant suns. This is the virtual world seventeen year old Rin lives inside, built by pixels and computer data. She can create anything her heart desires with the touch pen on her tablet. But as she explores her surroundings, she realizes she is the only one there. She is all alone. Continue reading “Predestination is our Shelter”

You Are Under My Genjutsu

You are worthless. You are ugly. You are fat. You are lonely. You are an outcast. You are a loser. You are better dead. You will never amount to anything. You will be alone for the rest of your life. You will be an addict forever. You will never be loved. You will always be hated. You will not do anything with yourself. You can cut yourself to relieve the pain. You can masturbate to relieve the pain. You can drink one more glass to relieve the pain. You can pretend to smile to relieve the pain. You can pop one more pill to relieve the pain. You can become busy to relieve the pain. You can escape reality to relieve the pain. You can give up to relieve the pain. Continue reading “You Are Under My Genjutsu”

Christians are Kiznaivers

For seven high school students in the summer 2016 anime, Kiznaiver, the sharing of pain is quite literal. Bonded together by a symbol on their wrists through emerging medical technology, every instance of pain experienced by one person is equally split and shared with the rest of the group. This system, the Kinza System, was designed as an experiment to foster relationships between people of different personalities and allow them to connect on deeper levels. Continue reading “Christians are Kiznaivers”

Menma and Holy Spirit: Am I Delusional?

It’s known throughout the Bible that the Holy Spirit literally seals Himself inside those who choose to believe and have faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:13). He guides our lives to the truth of righteousness and leads us where we need to go, speaking directly from God (John 16:13). However, it is the challenge of every Christian to properly discern what thoughts, emotions, and hunches are from the Holy Spirit and which are not. Continue reading “Menma and Holy Spirit: Am I Delusional?”

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Suffering has been a part of existence since the beginning and defines what it means to be human. Death, tragedy, and hardship are a part of life on earth and it is something that will eventually come to everyone. However, when suffering becomes unbearable, we immediately look to God, wondering why a loving creator would allow His people to walk through pain. We become angry with God, pointing the finger at Him, and question His will for our lives. Some even deny the existence of such a being because of this reasoning. Continue reading “Why Does God Allow Suffering?”